Lionel Devlieger: Rotor vzw/asbl, Belgium

We have been collaborating with Louise on several exhibition projects, covering specialised, technical topics. Her work has been very satisfying, and produced in often very tight time constraints.

We would definitely recommend her.

Alet Wildmann Presentatie trainer bij ‘Hertz’, trainingen voor wetenschappers. Trainer bij Vocal Toolbox. Bureau voor Stem en Presentatie training en Coaching.

Louise is een professionele vertaalster. Kennis wat betreft de regels van de taal is uitstekend. Ze weet de sfeer van de tekst goed mee te nemen in de vertaling. Ze denkt mee over de tekst, wil echt begrijpen wat ze vertaald, waardoor de vertaling precies klopt, echt ‘to the point’ is.  De communicatie met Louise is prima, onduidelijkheden in tekst of vertaling worden snel gesignaleerd en besproken. Geen ‚massaproductie’ maar maatwerk.

Ik beveel haar van harte aan.

Thaïs Gendry – PhD candidate in Legal History at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris (EHESS)

When I got the opportunity to publish my first article as a scholar I needed it to be perfect. But English is not my first language so I needed serious editing. Not only did Louise correct the language but she also helped turn the article into a more sharp, cohesive and elegant piece of writing.

Her editing is great and I would strongly recommend it for all professional writings, scholarly or otherwise.

Dans la cadre d’un projet de recherche international, j’ai eu l’opportunité de publier un article en anglais, qui n’est pas ma langue maternelle. Après avoir écrit la première version en anglais, je voulais être sûre que la langue était fluide et que mes idées passaient clairement.

Non seulement Louise a parfaitement corrigé la langue mais ses propositions d’édition m’ont permis de proposer un texte précis, cohérent et élégant.

Je recommande chaudement ses compétences à tous les professionnels qui ont besoin de publier des textes en anglais.

Gilbert Monod de Froideville: Honorary Chamberlain to HM Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

”Our 2016 book An Expert’s Guide to International Protocol was published by Amsterdam University Press. Since this was focused on the international market, it was very important to have the book published in high-level English. Thanks to the expertise of Mrs Louise Vines, who is a very professional translator with international experience, all the work was done in an extraordinary way. As writers of the book we highly recommend Mrs Louise Vines for a position as a translator in the public as well as in the private sector.”

Susanne Koenders: Manager of Business Administration at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

I am happy to recommend Louise Vines as someone being able to fulfil any task you give her. She is loyal, very precise and is not reluctant to ask questions to further redefine issues in order to complete the job well.

Louise Vines had worked for the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Higher Education) several years when I met her as her last manager. Even though she had made the decision to move abroad she stayed literally until the very end, showing me her professional attitude and loyalty.

You can contact me on +31 6 10 91 45 38 and on s.j.m.koenders@hva.nl

Bryan Koks Logistics Administrator at Speksnijder Logistiek B.V.

Louise is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her teaching skills and level of English are excellent. She kept the level on high standards!

Hanneke van den Boom Lecturer/trainer/coach at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Louise is a skilled and passionate teacher. She’s always willing to help those students that need extra support, provided they are willing to do the work. As a colleague, she’s a team player and offers innovative insights and contributions.

Dr. Karl de Leeuw, University of Amsterdam 

As a long-standing researcher in the field of information security, I regularly publish in scientific or scholarly journals. Though not a native speaker myself, I write the first drafts of my articles usually in English, to have them checked afterwards by somebody who is. For this purpose, I like to work with (call upon) Louise, who is extremely efficient, accommodates easily to specific requirements of a schedule or academic field not her own and is willing to act as a sparring partner, if a phrase is unclear. Texts edited by Louise are always a pleasure to read.