Louise Vines

(Copy)Editing for academics, professionals and students so you can achieve publishable text. I don’t just “correct the English”, I edit to improve the clarity, logic, and integrity of the text.
My editing is underpinned by experience as a writer, editor, and English teacher.

Translating from Dutch into English. I translate, to maintain the author’s voice and give the text an authentic flow in English.

I have a particular affinity for Fine Art, business, academics, and NGOs: my BA honours degree and post-graduate work were in painting. After studying, I was a co-founder, artist, marketer, and fundraiser at London Wall – a Public Art organization. Concurrently I worked as a lecturer in Public Art at several Art schools in the UK and later became an English teacher – often for companies as well as students taking a Business Administration degree and young lawyers.

English lessons at all levels. I am an English teacher to students of all ages and professions. Contact me for face-to-face lessons in the Netherlands and for online lessons wherever you are.

Art&English I now combine my original profession as an artist with English. Come to a workshop where you will improve your English, learn the vocabulary of mosaic, and make your own artwork in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. 

Contact Louise to discuss

  • Face-to-face English lessons in the Netherlands
  • Online, or telephone English worldwide
  • Translation from Dutch into English
  • Editing of English text
  • Art&English workshops

Tel. +31 (0)20 707 3253 / Mobile: +31 (0)6 16 75 05 46


Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce: 62237993